What is a micro-school?

A micro-school is a purposefully small community typically comprised of a mixed-age environment that operates at lower operational complexity than traditional schools. They tend to benefit from the personal connections made between school and family, and the ability to quickly change and adapt to student and family needs. Teachers are empowered to make changes to benefit individual student’s needs and are not measured against a general minimum standard.

What do you mean by advanced and 2E?

Giftedness is not something that can be measured quantitatively. It is an inner experience that differs from the norm. These children have different educational needs due to their unique intellectual development.
Twice-exceptional(2E) children are gifted children who also have a struggle that makes it difficult for them to learn in a traditional environment. These students can have a wide range of gifts as well as a wide range of difficulties including learning differences, ADHD, or anxiety.

Who is Harbor Hill Schoolhouse appropriate for?

It is appropriate for gifted and 2E students that can work independently but would benefit from small modifications to their learning environments to help them meet their full potential.
Our school is not appropriate for students with behavioral problems, or those who are physically aggressive.

What kind of assessments are used?

Instead of issuing grades, we provide meaningful assessments which track and detail student’s progress and work in each area of learning.