I am very excited to be participating in a webinar with Jade Rivera on Wednesday, August 2nd at 8pm EST. Click here to register: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/emerging-micro-schools

For those of you who don’t already know, Jade Rivera is an author, educator, and coach who specializes in designing innovative learning environments for neurodivergent learners. We have been consulting with Jade regarding Harbor Hill Schoolhouse and I am honored to be her first guest for her new webinar series “Emerging Micro-Schools”. In this new series Jade will be speaking with different people who are starting micro-schools to learn more about what their schools will provide and what has led to their decisions to start their schools. It will give those who attend the webinar a chance to ask questions and learn more in an interactive format.

This is a terrific opportunity for me to share more details about Harbor Hill Schoolhouse’s philosophy and the 2e students that we will serve. This forum will give me a chance to share more details about our backgrounds and next steps we are taking. We have been building Harbor Hill Schoolhouse for over a year now and have learned so much through our research, mentors, and the amazing families we have met. During every event we have participated in, we have met numerous families that have shared familiar stories with us. Parents who cry when they describe how their local schools failed their child and are told that their child does not belong there. Parents who know in their gut that in a nurturing and individualized environment, their child would thrive if given the chance.

It was our experience with our own son that initially led us to investigate alternative education and start homeschooling. But as we learned more about how our son learns and how the educational infrastructure was failing so many other families, it was these families that motivated us to open a school. Harbor Hill Schoolhouse provides a much needed 2e micro-school alternative to help fill a real educational gap in Brooklyn.

I look forward to an engaging discussion with Jade Rivera where I will share more of our vision and I look forward to your questions at the end. Don’t forget to register at: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/emerging-micro-schools